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willow baskets, rattan core, laundry baskets, weaving from rattan core

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MOREX, spol. s r.o
Tel.: +420 573 371 044
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Willow baskets, rattan core, laundry baskets, weaving from rattan core

We are a Czech company leading in traditional basketry. Basket work has its roots in Morkovice since 17. century. During years of our existence we widened our range of goods of hundreds of products not only from our own production but also imported from many countries of Europe and Asia.

We are always doing our best to produce and obtain the best quality goods for our customers. It is the meticulous hand work which is giving magic spell to our goods.

Important part of our production represents job-order manufacture (willow baskets, uncommon baskets, bread baskets, laundry baskets, etc.), mending and restoring.

Besides is our company a main importer of natural weaving materials which we offer for sale and for further treatment. In our complete offer of willow goods can be found materials such is willow, rattan core, sea grass, paper rope, maize string, water hyacint, bamboo, rattan, etc. with its origin in China, Indonesia and Europe.

The entire assortment is offered to chain stores, retailers as well as to final customers.