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Co je pedig

Calamus rotangPedig is made from creeper palm "Calamus rotang", called rattan or reed.

Ratan is mined in the subtropical zone, especially in Southeast Asia. The best quality reed for production of pedig grows in Indonesia.

There is known more than 600 species of rattan but for the production of pedig are used only two or three species. These types suitable for the production of pedig are grown mainly of artificially planted plants.

Rattan rods grow in length up to 200 meters. For the production of pedig are not used all parts of rattan.

ratanFor pedig used for weaving is the best the middle part, which is not too hard nor too soft. The first part of rattan from rhizomes is the hardest and is used for production of furniture. The last part of rattan is young, immature, and therefore very soft.

Pedig made from this part does not keep bending and it´s used for production in Asia only.

Ratan has naturally green color. Once upon drying, sulphuration and further treatment gets its yellow color.

Firstly, before the production of pedig , rattan is graded. Secondly "knees" are being removed. Then rattan chair cane and rattan peel are produced. After all is produced pedig.

Výroba pedigu


pedigPedig is sold in many diameters, cross-sections and thicknesses. Round rods of pedig are sold in sizes from 1 mm to 10 mm.

nůž na výrobu pediguIt is produced by extruding bigger size of the rod through a knife. The blade must be sharpened several times a day in order to get pedig as smooth as possible. Unfortunately by sharpenning is increased also the diameter of the die and then pedig has a slightly larger diameter.

pedigová šénaFlat materials can be found under the name of Pedig band and Pedig flat oval. Pedig band is purely flat . On the obverse is glossy, on the back side is coarser. Pedig band is sold in sizes from 6mm up tp 16mm. Pedig flat oval is from the back side flat and from the front side rounded. They are sold in widths from 2mm up to 8 mm.

pedigová páskaPedig can be bought ready dyed in many colors but you can also dye the core by yourself. The pigments are offered in our e-shop.

Before weaving is pedig being steeped, preferably in lukewarm water, in order to get pedig flexible and unbreakable. Don´t leave pedig soaked in water for a long time - there is s risk that pedig will turn gray and will break. After work is necessary to let pedig duly dry.

Don´t store pedig in the light. Under proper conditions pedig can be stored even for 10 years.

pedigedig is a natural material and therefore can not be achieved 100% quality. Even though every year we go for quality control and discuss improving steps in the production, packaging, storage and transport along with the manufacturer, in such demanding process can not be avoided that a defective rod gets between of high quality material. Just when the creeper would touch the ground in some spots, pedig may break in this point.

Sometimes there are problems with the weight declared caused by high humidity in the country of origin and even inaccurate weighing.

Quality of material is divided into:

Rozdělení pedigu

AAA - pedig has the same color, round diameter, accurate dimension, does not break and ends are trimmed. Pedig in this quality is so expensive therefore we do not import it and even in the world it is used rarely. The minimum length is 180 cm

AA - pedig has almost the same color, defective rods should not be more than 10% . There can be found rods with a length of 120cm in a package.

AB - the color is darker and patchy, brittleness and other defects should not exceed 30%. There can be found rods with a length of 100cm in a package.

BC - dark pedig – weeded out by the production of high quality material or origin of this material is different – e.g .Vietnam. This pedig breaks a lot. Used only for processing directly in Asia.

Dyed pedig - produced mostly from AB quality, especially in China. In Indonesia it´made from AA quality but it discolores and becomes pale. When dyeing bright colors pedig must be bleached first. Unfortunately during bleaching looses its characteristic and its weight.

Pedig and accessories can be easily bought in our e-shop, or you can send us your inquiry.