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willow baskets, rattan core, laundry baskets, weaving from rattan core

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wooden standDuring last year we have extended our offer of home accessories made of wood, wire, ceramics, etc.

Now you can purchase from us several kinds of wooden stands that have very wide use.

It can be used for flowers and herbs. You can place them on covered balconies and terraces and so pleasantly and tastefully arrange small balcony spaces.

wooden standLarger models of stands are very interesting accessories for shop windows or shop spaces for dislaying of own goods.

For traders racks are an interesting complement to the fees or sales areas for exposure to his own goods.

Do not miss our new range of homewares with a motive of lavender, sunflowers, roses or herbs. We offer matching groups of home accessories, like clocks, thermometers, cups, plac emats, hangers and others.

Pedig and accessories can be easily bought in our e-shop, or you can send us your inquiry.