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willow baskets, rattan core, laundry baskets, weaving from rattan core

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Our company has been producing bakery baskets for almost 20 years. These baskets are used for rising dough in bakeries. Bakery baskets are made from natural material - pedig of thickness 7.5 mm - 8 mm. Pedig is made of rattan cane, which grows in tropical regions of Asia.

Bakery baskets are made in different sizes and shapes. Most popular are traditional pedig baskets in oval and round shape. Production of bread baskets is not complicated, single pedig canes are joined one by one with clamps, nails and wire.

bakery basketbakery basket

To satisfy our customers we produce wide range of baskets in sizes from 0.50 kg , 0.75 kg , 1.00 kg, 1.25 kg, 1.50 kg up to 2.00 kg. If the customer requires different size of classic shape basket, we are able to produce it, provided the order reaches the minimum order quantity.

We also produce different shapes of bakery baskets such is long baguette, square or triangular in several sizes.

bakery basketbakery basketbakery basket

A few words about pedig. Pedig is natural porous material which enables the dough to "breathe". After rising in the bakery basket is dough tipped out of the basket – it still holds its shape, including the copy of single pedig canes of the baskets.

An integral part of the bakery baskets is their maintenance (cleaning). With proper maintenance baskets will last 4-5 years. Sometimes even longer, depending on how they are used and how they are treated. For hygiene reasons, it is necessary from time to time to replace bakery baskets with new ones.

The high quality of our bakery baskets indicates also the fact that our customers repeat their orders.

Our bakery baskets are healthy safe, proofed by the certificate issued by ITC Zlin (Institute for certification and measurement), which entitles us to export our bread baskets to other countries. This certificate is valid for three years, resp.every three years is the certificate renewed.certifikovány.

Pedig and accessories can be easily bought in our e-shop, or you can send us your inquiry.