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willow baskets, rattan core, laundry baskets, weaving from rattan core

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n our area there is more than 300-year tradition when started weaving of wicker baskets from willow material. Our best-selling range contains classic utility and shopping baskets made of wicker. We offer a wide range of these baskets in various sizes and shapes for different uses.

What for can be wicker baskets used?

Wicker baskets can be used as basket for wood, basket for fruit or grass.

willow basketswillow basketswillow baskets

Wicker basket will serve as a replacement of plastic bags for shopping because it is much stronger and smarter.

willow basketswillow baskets

Wicker basket can be made from boiled or unpeeled willow.

willow basketswillow baskets

Wicker baskets can also be produced to order, based on the size and needs of the customer. It is also possible to sew fabric inside the basket so that any remaining bark or fragments won´t fall through.

willow baskets

Wicker basket won´t disappoint even small helpers who can use basket for "secret treasures" or collecting mushrooms.

willow baskets willow baskets willow baskets

In summer you can use wicker picnic basket that will serve you to carry goodies. These baskets are made without a lid or with a hinged lid.

willow baskets willow baskets

Pedig and accessories can be easily bought in our e-shop, or you can send us your inquiry.